شینگل لمینیت

شینگل لمینیتReviewed by Roco on May 20Rating: 4.5

Laminated roofing shingle

A shingle having a headlap section and a buttlap section with at least one portion of the buttlap section having a relatively uniform color and another portion of the buttlap section having a color gradient or gradation from light to dark. An illusion of depth or thickness is created on the portion of the buttlap section having the color gradient. The buttlap section defines in part the exposed weather surface of the associated shingle. The relatively uniform color portions may be formed on tabs or dragon teeth and the color gradient formed on a backer sheet disposed beneath the tabs. Openings between adjacent tabs expose the color gradient to view. A plurality of horizontal striations may be used to establish the desired color gradient from light to dark. The amount of tone and contrast may be selected to create the desired illusion of depth or thickness. The amount of contrast may be varied depending upon the color selected for each shingle. The number of horizontal striations and their width may also be varied to provide the desired color gradient.